Contributing to awareness

Our contributions

Sustainability, something we can all contribute to as a society. Sustainability is a broad concept. Companies have a greater responsibility in this, but in practice, sustainability is often not a goal in itself. What is a goal is awareness.

Unique Qolors contributes to this awareness. Depending on the product, we like to think about what sustainable solutions, from development to material use, we can offer. Which processes do we deploy? How do we produce? What materials do we use in our plastic products?
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Recycling & circularity

Recycled material can be used for some applications and products, we can characterize and optimize this material.
Recycled material has been loaded before, but by characterizing and optimizing it we ensure that the material is virtually no different from
Virgin material.

By using recycled material, we contribute to a closed-loop system. A system that encourages reuse and therefore amounts to a more sustainable society.


Biopolymers are derived from organic raw materials. Such as vegetable oils, sugar rush, corn and potatoes. Unlike traditional polymers, which are often made from petroleum, biopolymers produce less CO2 emissions. Depending on the biopolymer and conditions, biopolymers are even degradable.


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