Tailored to your process

Development of special compounds

Focusing on maximum specialization, we develop and produce compounds for any polymer. The compound is fully tailored to your process, from injection molding to blow molding, extrusion & rotation. With an unprecedented knowledge of materials, processes & processing thereof, we tackle every challenge. Decisiveness is paramount at Unique Qolors and provide hands-on for the solution you are looking for. We can supply compounds from 1kg to 100,000 kg. Unique Qolors' machinery is very diverse, which ensures that we can process virtually any material.

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Modified compounds

Unique Qolors develops modified compounds in its own laboratory. We work with a wide variety of materials but the focus is on maximum specialization so even for the high-tech materials you can contact Unique Qolors. Besides the basic raw material, the additives help ensure the correct specifications that your product must meet.


  • UV stable
  • Anti-static
  • Metal detectable
  • Thermally conductive
  • Impact modified
  • Glass & carbon fiber filled
  • ...

Process support

We are your supplier but also your knowledge partner. Together we ensure an optimal process and product. Through our knowledge of many processes, materials and their processing, we can analyze & identify problems and work with you to find a solution.

Unique Qolors branded visual Masterbatches cube