Analyze, characterize, control


In our own laboratory, we develop color masterbatches, additive masterbatches and compounds. Inputs can be created in three ways:

You already know exactly what requirements a master batch must meet and know the values below them. (color request)

You know roughly the specifications your product must meet, but do not yet know the underlying values for masterbatches.

In this case, we characterize the color and properties of the sample and develop an identical master batch.

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Each master batch has unique values

One of our qualities is that we are a relatively new company. Unique Qolors was founded in 2018, albeit with over 30 years of experience in the plastics processing industry; experience in masterbatches, compounds & process technologies. The machinery consists of - Coperion, Berstorff, Theysohn, Collin. A total of 15 extruders including 5 single screw extruders and 10 double screw extruders. With an average output of 1250 kg per hour.

Each master batch has its own data sheet

During the development and production of masterbatches, we collect a lot of data in the lab. We record all this data in forms that you receive with every order. The standard forms are the Technical Data Sheet, the Material Data Sheet and the Certificate of Analysis.

Sometimes additional forms are needed, for example, if the finished product must be guaranteed to be food contact suitable, we naturally supply these forms as well.

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