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CMF Design Service

Why we offer CMF design service as a masterbatch manufacturer has to do with a clear trend we see. We are often taken "on-to-go" with aesthetic choices from color to reflection to visible fibers in the material. Often these choices are not clearly defined or are only considered later in the process and that while the base material turns out to be inappropriate for this purpose. For example, the color becomes completely different the moment an additive or effect is added.

When materials, color and finishes are considered strategically and earlier in the process, it can streamline communication and collaboration between design teams and manufacturers. This can result in a more efficient design process and more consistent results.

"Innovation opportunities from the CMF perspective can be leveraged to achieve competitive advantages such as lower costs, shorter cycles, faster updates and circularity goals."

Focus on material

When it comes to product development - whether it's semi-finished products or a complete product - material selection is a crucial link that must be considered early in the design process. Material selection affects every aspect of the product.

"Material first design" emphasizes the importance of early and close collaboration between designers, material & color specialists to create products that are functionally, legally and aesthetically in line with their intended goals. It provides a holistic approach to product design, with material selection playing a central role in creating innovative and sustainable solutions.

The polymer industry is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary; collaborations between materials scientists, engineers and designers are becoming essential.

Color development

To achieve the right color, several factors must be considered. First, it is important to accurately specify the desired end result including hue, brightness, reflectance and any special properties that need to be added to the color. Next, the base material is analyzed to understand the current color and composition.

In the laboratory, we check and validate the color consistency and quality of the master batch, using advanced color measurements, spectrophotometry and other techniques to ensure that the color is consistent across different production batches.

Unique Qolors branded visual Masterbatches Bol gradient
Unique Qolors branded visual Masterbatches Bol gradient

Rethink polymers

We are material and color specialists in all things polymer related. Our promise is a solution for every polymer. We research, experience and advise on plastics. From circular solutions to materials requiring special properties. We value recycling streams to come up with innovative solutions.

The Laboratory is a large R&D swim tank. Basic materials, pigments and additives are assembled into desired compositions. We match functional, financial and aesthetic needs. Circular responsibility starts at the beginning of the plastic chain, with the right knowledge in-house we create awareness of circular solutions.

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