Color & additive masterbatches

Your own unique master batch

Developing your own unique masterbatch involves a process. It begins with a discussion of the conditions your masterbatch must meet. For example, the desired color, lightfastness and weather resistance, food contact suitability, but also information about the application and base polymer are important. Among other things, the application and base polymer determine the pigments we can use.

Once we have clearly identified all the conditions , we get to work developing your desired color. This development includes the production of a test batch of 500 grams and a sample plate. After your approval of this test batch and the sample plate, your unique master batch goes into production.

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What kind of masterbatches do we make?

Our masterbatches are of course available in the standard color systems, such as RAL, Pantone and NCS. In practice, however, you often have specific color or quality requirements. You may then need a combibatch. Color masterbatch with UV and/or antistatic for example. Or with special effects, such as metallic, glitter, satin or fluorescent.

Right there, in developing those unique masterbatches - or additive masterbatches - is where our expertise lies.

How do we develop unique masterbatches?

This is a complex and meticulous process that takes place in our laboratory. There we have advanced lab equipment & color measurement systems and simulate your final product via two heated rollers. See also the page on production.
Unique Qolors branded visual Masterbatches Bol 1